Care Plans

Care Plans

Equip patients with mobile care plans they can refer back to as questions arise. Care Plans on Spruce include treatment descriptions and associated instructions.

To create a Care Plan, you must be within a Secure patient conversation.

  • Invite your patient to a Secure patient conversation (more detailed instructions can be found in 'Adding a Patient').
  • Ensure that the patient has created an account on Spruce. You can confirm that they have done so because the banner below their name which reads 'Patient has not yet created an account' will disappear.

Attaching a Care Plan

Once your patient has created their account on Spruce, log into your Spruce account on web, and tap the '+' button and select 'Care Plan'.

This will take you to our Care Plan builder, where you will be able to:

  • Name the Care Plan
  • Add treatments from our searchable database and specify dosage specifics
  • Add instructions for the patient to refer back to

Once you've created the Care Plan, simply send it as an attachment to the patient. It is important that you click 'Send' within the message compose view.

Interested in ePrescribe?

We’ll be rolling that out shortly. Send us a message in Spruce Support, and we’ll make sure to let you know when it’s live.

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