Care Plans


Introduction to Spruce Care Plans

In Spruce secure conversations, you can send your patients mobile Care Plans that include treatment descriptions and associated instructions for easy reference after an appointment. 

Care Plans may include a variety of important after-visit information, such as prescription name, dosage, and instructions. You can customize your Care Plans to common treatments used in your clinic. Once shared, your patient can log in to Spruce and refer back to their Care Plan at any time, minimizing follow-up questions and encouraging adherence. 

After you build a new Care Plan, you can send it to a patient as an attachment in a secure conversation. You can also create a Saved Message containing the Care Plan in order to reuse it in the future. 

For example, below is how an Allergy Care Plan appears when attached to a secure message and sent to a patient. The patient can refer back and open the attachment any time.

Creating a Care Plan

Create a new Care Plan to send to a specific patient

Open that patient's secure conversation (indicated by a lock icon next to the patient's name) and select the Plus Icon from the Compose Bar to add an attachment. Then select Care Plan

Create a new Care Plan as a Saved Message for future use

Select the Gear Icon to open your Settings. Select Saved Messages, then select Create. From here you can write a message and include an attachment. Select the Plus Icon to add an attachment. Then select Care Plan

The Care Plan Builder

This will open our Care Plan Builder, where you can create a new, custom Care Plan with the following elements:

  • Title: the title of your Care Plan, which your patient will see
  • Treatments: Prescription names, dosage, and related instructions
  • Instructions: Non-prescription instructions in a step-by-step format

Once you've created the Care Plan, select Attach to attach it to the message you are sending to a patient or to the the Saved Message you are creating for future use. 

If you are sending the Care Plan to a patient, be sure to select Send from the Compose Bar to release the message. 

Re-using a Care Plan

To re-use a Care Plan in the future, attach it to a Saved Message. You can follow the instructions above to create a Care Plan in a Saved Message to start with. If you've already sent a Care Plan to a patient and wish to save it for future use, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Three Dots Icon to the right of the timestamp in the previously sent message.
  2. Select Save Message.
  3. Give your Saved Message a title.
  4. Edit the Message Body, if desired.
  5. Make sure the Care Plan is shown in the Message Body box.
  6. Select Save to complete.

You can learn more in our Saved Messages article. 

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