Integrating Spruce With Your EMR

This article covers how Spruce can work with your Electronic Medical Record

Does Spruce integrate with my EMR?

There are multiple ways that you can keep Spruce and your Electronic Medical Record up to date. We are working on custom integrations with select leading EMRs. If you’d like to verify that your EMR is in the list, please contact us via Support.

How does the EMR integration work?

You get the following benefits for the EMRs that we do integrate with:

  • Demographic Sync: All patients in the EMR can be imported into Spruce with their name, phone numbers, emails, date of birth and gender information added to your Spruce inbox. Any new patient that you add to your EMR will automatically show up in Spruce ready for you to communicate with the patient. Any updates that you make to the demographic information for the patient in the EMR or Spruce will stay in sync between the two systems. In this manner, you can identify the patients as they call in via your Spruce phone number and manage your patients in a seamless manner.
  • Conversation Sync [New for June 2018]: To sync activity in Spruce with a patient's record in your EMR, you can select one or more messages in the Spruce web app from which to create a new Visit Note. You can then choose which patient chart in your EMR the Visit Note should go to (the patient you are currently viewing in Spruce will be the default). This way, you can easily document any conversation you have in Spruce in the correct patient chart in the EMR.

What options do I have for EMRs that Spruce does not integrate with?

The following options are available for all users of Spruce and work across EMRs.

Conversation Links

Conversations Links are links, unique to individual patient conversations — both standard and secure. These are an excellent workflow efficiency tool that creates one-click access to an individual patient’s communication and care history on Spruce.

  • Copying a Conversation Link To find a patient’s unique link, open the patient conversation and tap on the three dots in the top right corner (this is available on both mobile and web). Click on 'Copy Conversation Link.' This will copy the link to your clipboard.
  • Pasting a Conversation Link  Paste the link into your EMR within the patient profile.
  • Opening a Conversation Link Clicking on this thread will take you directly into the patient’s conversation on Spruce via a second window, as long as you are logged in. It will always take you to the most recent interaction, regardless of when you copied the link.

Conversation Links are supported across all platforms. That means that if you were to open the link on mobile (even if you copied and pasted it from your desktop browser), it will automatically open the Spruce app on your phone and take you directly into the patient conversation.

Formatted Copy and Paste

For providers who would like to copy specific patient interactions into their patient’s chart, Spruce’s web app supports a unique copy and paste feature.

As an illustration: assume you have exchanged a few messages with a patient about a new complaint and these interactions are salient enough that you would like to record the specifics of the encounter in your EMR as a clinical note or event.

On Spruce’s web app, you can highlight messages and copy them into your EMR. These messages will be specially formatted to specify the sender of the message, channel in which it was sent, and time sent.

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