Inviting Patients to Spruce Secure Messaging


Introduction to inviting patients

Spruce provides you the flexibility to text message, email, and secure message with your patients. Secure messaging requires the patient to install the Spruce app on their mobile phone and create an account. Your patient needs to be associated with your clinic when they download the app. We manage this through Spruce Links. Once your patient has followed your unique Spruce Link, downloaded the Spruce app, and completed account setup, you can start exchanging private, secure messages using Spruce.

A Spruce Link is a unique URL that connects patients to your specific practice. You always want patients to follow your Spruce Link rather than downloading the Spruce app directly so that they are properly associated with your practice.

You can customize what patients see when they click your Spruce Link, including adding your company logo, information about your practice, staff photos, and more. Learn more in our Spruce Links article. Your Spruce Link is accessible in your app’s Settings section, under the "Spruce Links" tab. 

Create and send your invite message

We recommend sending your Spruce Link to patients via a text message from Spruce. You can copy and paste it easily from your Settings so that it’s easy to insert into a message. When texting an invite to your patient, it's important that the patient understands who they received the message from, what they are supposed to do, and what they will get as a result. Here's an example text message to get you started:

Hello – this is Dr. Brown from Brown Clinic. I’d like to invite you to download the Spruce app to communicate with us about your medical care. With Spruce, you can securely text, send pictures, and even video chat! Follow this link to download the Spruce app and get connected: <link>

Once you write your invite message, we recommend creating a Saved Message in Spruce so it's easy to invite different patients. Learn how to save a message in our Saved Messages article.

Once you have saved the invite message, you can send it to any patient through Spruce as an SMS text message. Either create a new standard conversation or open an existing conversation to use the saved message and send the invite to the patient.

Steps for the patient

When a patient receives your invite, they'll go through the following steps (also illustrated in the video below):

  1. Click the included link to land on your Practice Profile.
  2. Select Get the App & Connect to be redirected to their phone's app store.   
  3. Download the Spruce – Care Messenger app from the app store.
  4. Open the Spruce app and select Continue to confirm they are being associated with the correct practice.
  5. Select Create a new account.
  6. Set up a patient account with their personal information.

Track patient account setup

In your Spruce inbox, conversations with a gray Lock Icon to the right of the patient's name are secure, app-to-app conversations. You will know that your patient has downloaded the app and set up an account when you see a conversation with their name and a Lock Icon that has an internal message stating that the patient created an account. We include the demographic information the patient entered during account setup to help you verify the patient information against your EMR.At this point, your patient will have two conversations (one standard, one secure). The standard conversation includes all voice-related events, like phone calls and voicemails, as well as email and SMS text messages. The secure conversation includes all app-to-app messaging.

When sending a message to a patient, remember to use the secure conversation (with the Lock Icon) to discuss health information

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