Driving Patient Adoption of Spruce

Learn best practices to increase adoption of the Spruce app amongst your patient panel

Secure messaging on Spruce has many benefits for providers and patients. It is a HIPAA-compliant way to communicate with your patients, and you can easily use Spruce to video call with your patients, to send documents, to efficiently intake information through Spruce Visits, and much more!

However, the functionality is only useful when patients download the Spruce app and set up their accounts. Driving adoption of new technology among your patients can take effort. Here are the best practices that we've learned along the way.

Effectively communicate why patients should download the app

Have a clear message for why patients should adopt secure messaging with instructions for how to get started. Learn how to effectively market the addition of secure messaging and telemedicine to your practice.

When you're ready to introduce Spruce to your patients, sending an invite over SMS is the best way to drive adoption – the patient receives the message on their phone, so they can can simply tap the Spruce link to download the Spruce app and get connected.

Spruce makes it easy for you to bulk SMS your patients, so you could send them all an invite to download the Spruce app via a few clicks. You can learn more about bulk messaging here

Make the Spruce invite part of the check-in protocol

For patients that come in for an in-person appointment or even call into the practice, educate them on the Spruce app and its benefits. Encourage the patient to sign up while they are with you on the phone or in the clinic so that you can guide them through the setup.

Making the Spruce invite part of the check-in protocol is the single best way to ensure that slowly but surely you drive adoption of the patient app. Read this guide for a workflow on how to efficiently invite patients to Spruce.

That's it! If you have other effective tactics to drive patient adoption, please do email us at support@sprucehealth.com.

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