Customizing Your Patient Onboarding Experience

Spruce enables you to customize the entire patient journey from invite through account setup.

Many practices use Spruce to offer their patients the ability to connect with their practice via Spruce's patient app.

For practices using Spruce is this way, we offer the ability to customize parts of the patient onboarding experience which is a great opportunity for practices to strengthen their own branding.

Overview of Patient Onboarding Experience

Before we go into the various ways you can customize that onboarding experience, here is a reminder of the steps a patient goes through to download the Spruce app.

Customizing For Your Practice

There are three main ways practices on Spruce are customizing their onboarding experience with their own branding:

  1. Spruce Links (Step 2)
  2. Automated Welcome Message (Step 4)

Spruce Links

You can customize all of the content behind your Spruce Link with your company logo, information about your practice, staff photos, and more. Additionally, you can also have multiple Spruce Links on Spruce for different needs (for e.g., a Spruce Link per employer group that you work with to independently customize the content behind each link).You can also click here to see an actual example.

If you would like to customize your content in this way, simply email us the following sections to and we will get your Spruce link setup:

  • One sentence description about your clinic that goes right below your logo.
  • About the clinic section
  • Any other section you'd like to add (need title + content)
  • Links to social media and website (if you'd like)
  • Profile pictures of the team (if you'd like)

Automated Welcome Message
Once patients have downloaded the app and are paired with your team, many practices choose to set up an automated welcome message that will greet patients as soon as they see their inbox for the first time.

Automated welcome messages are a great way to welcome patients and educate them on how and when to use the app to communicate -- e.g., typical response times, which services are available via the app.

Here is welcome message commonly used by other practices:

"Welcome to <Practice Name> on Spruce!

This app is a convenient and secure way to get in direct contact with <Provider Name> and clinic staff.

You can message us here to directly request an appointment, ask your provider questions, clarify existing treatment plans, refill prescriptions, and even get instant virtual care.

For medical emergencies, please call 911. For non-urgent matters during business hours, you can expect a response from our clinic within the hour."

If you would like to learn more about setting up your own automated welcome message, go ahead and follow the following steps:

  • Draft the message you would like patients to see within the Spruce Support conversation in Spruce
  • Send the message to Spruce Support
  • Save the message as a 'Saved Message' (on desktop click the three dots to the right of the timestamp on the message and click 'Save Message'; on mobile, long press the message and tap 'Save'). Save the message as 'Auto Welcome Message')
  • Let Spruce Support know that you have a saved a welcome message and would like to configure it to send automatically!

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