Offering Digital Care to Your Patients

Treat patients remotely using secure video or virtual Spruce Visits, and offer access to cutting-edge healthcare technology.

  • Start a secure video chat with a patient in one-click, without ever leaving the Spruce app
  • Send patients virtual 'Spruce Visits' to collect and document a full history and symptoms set, and handle routine complaints efficiently
  • Create personalized care plans which help to educate, and eliminate unnecessary follow-up calls and questions
  • Send payment requests to bill and receive payment from patients, in-app!These advanced features save you and your staff time, help you focus on patients when they need it most, and can even generate new sources of revenue. To send try these out and more, open Spruce on web or mobile, open a Secure Conversation thread and tap the '+' icon.

To see how Spruce Visits can improve the efficiency of your practice, check out our blog!

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