Setting Up Another Provider to Cover for You

Setting up another provider to cover for you

This guide explains the steps you need to undertake to get a provider to cover for you on Spruce.

Spruce makes it easy for you to get another provider to cover for you. It just takes a few steps so that covering physician will have complete context of your patient panel and be able to cover for incoming calls and text messages via Spruce.

Step 1: Invite provider to Spruce

If the provider is not part of Spruce account, go ahead and invite them by following this guide.  If you have a special setup in your inbox with custom filters that you'd like for the covering provider to have as well, contact us at

The reason you need to invite the covering provider to Spruce is so that they can listen to any voicemails and respond to messages from your patients.

Step 2: Forward calls to covering provider

You can forward all incoming calls to the covering provider. All you have to do is swap out your cell phone number or land line number with the covering provider's number. Follow this guide to update your "Numbers to Ring" list.

If instead you have a phone tree setup for your Spruce phone number, contact to update your phone tree to forward to the covering provider.

Step 3: Ensure covering provider has notifications turned on for your panel

Once the provider has accepted your invite and connected to Spruce, confirm with them that allowed push notifications on their app and have notifications turned on your patient panel.

This will help ensure that the covering provider gets notified for any incoming calls and voicemails.

Step 4: Contact Spruce to ensure account setup is accurate for covering provider

To ensure that you and the covering provider are setup for success, contact to inform them that you have added a covering physician so that we can confirm that their account is setup with the right Spruce phone number and level of access.

And that's it! You're all setup and can rest easy that all your patients will be tended to 😀.

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