Granting Permissions for Spruce on Your Smartphone

Granting Permissions for Spruce on Your Smartphone

This article covers smartphone permissions and our commitment to security

When you use the Spruce app, you may be asked to grant permission for the app to access different functions or information on your smartphone.

Each of these permissions serves a specific purpose, and unless you are using an older version of the Android operating system, you will only be asked for a specific permission at the time that you try to do something in the Spruce app that requires access to a new function or piece of information on your smartphone. This means that you only have to grant the permissions that are directly related to how you want to use Spruce.

Here is a summary of some common permissions you may be asked to grant when using the Spruce app, along with the reasons why Spruce asks for those permissions:

  • Camera and microphone permissions let you take photos and videos to share with your doctor and allow you to participate in video visits if your doctor provides them.
  • Photo, media, and files permissions let you choose from your existing photos, videos, and pdf files to send to your doctor.
  • Contacts and phone permissions allow doctors to find patient information in their contacts and send messages (at this time, contacts and phone permissions are not required for any feature that patients use in the Spruce app).
  • Wi-Fi connection information permission lets the app improve video call quality by checking whether you are connected to Wi-Fi.

We understand it is important to keep your health information secure and private. We take that responsibility very seriously at Spruce. To ensure security and privacy, we built Spruce to be compliant with critical regulations like HIPAA, as well as to meet and exceed industry guidelines and best practices for safeguarding electronic data, including encrypting all data stored in the app.

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