When Will I Hear Back from Spruce Support?

This article shares typical turnaround times for requests sent to the Spruce Support team.

Spruce is happy to offer timely support during our business hours, but we know many of our customer use Spruce round-the-clock. That’s why we also monitor Spruce after hours for business-critical issues. This article will help you know exactly what to expect from Spruce Support at different times and for different needs.

Business Hours:

Spruce Support is generally online from 9am to 6pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday. During this time, you can expect a reply by the end of the next business day for most requests. For business-critical issues, we strive to respond within two (2) hours.

Here are examples of items we consider business-critical:

  • Phone system outage
  • Inability to access your Spruce account despite troubleshooting
  • Account closure for a teammate who has left your practice

After Hours:

Outside of our business hours, you can generally expect a reply by the end of the next business day for most requests. However, Spruce uses technology to monitor our systems, even on nights and weekends. This ensures we are aware and able to respond should a rare critical issue occur. 

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