What Can I Do About Unwanted Calls to My Spruce Number?

I am receiving unwanted calls on my Spruce number. What can I do?

When your Spruce number receives an inbound call, the caller's number is verified against a list of known spam callers. By default, if the call is suspected to be spam, it it sent straight to voicemail.

Spruce phone numbers are just like regular numbers — outside users can call and text them, and in some cases, the numbers were previously owned by other people.

In cases where a Spruce phone number was previously owned by someone else, we take precautions to minimize the disruption of any potential 'overlap.' Numbers are reserved for a minimum of two months before they are released to a new user. This is intended to give the number’s former owner enough time to update their records. Additionally, our telecommunication partner monitors the number of incoming phone calls during this time and may even extend the two-month reserve period until those call levels reach an acceptable rate.

If you are receiving an unacceptable number of unwanted calls or texts, we can help block the number for you. An alternative option is to choose a new Spruce number. Please message us in Support if you’d like to pursue either option.

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