Phone Extensions

Phone extensions can be used in a phone tree to guide calls to the right person. When an extension is pressed it can route to a user on Spruce to their cell phone, to a VoIP deskphone or to a group of people known as a Contact Group

Another way to use phone extensions are an optional feature available to customers using the Spruce VoIP solution. They are "shortcuts" associated with Spruce-powered VoIP phones, allowing easy dialing between the VoIP phones in your organization. Phone extensions are most commonly used to transfer an inbound call from one phone to another or to directly dial another phone in the office.

To dial an extension, simply pick up the phone and dial the extension that you want to reach. To learn how to transfer inbound calls, please refer to this guide.

Each VoIP phone can have one extension associated with it. Extensions can be any number of digits, but they must be numeric.

If you have Spruce-powered VoIP phones or want to set up a phone tree, please reach out to us in the Spruce app or by emailing, and we'll be happy to help.

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