Spruce Visits


Introduction to Spruce Visits

Spruce Visits are adaptive clinical questionnaires developed by the Spruce Health medical team that can be used for new patient intake, remote management of routine conditions, and follow-up. Your patients complete the questionnaires in the Spruce app. Questions branch based on previous answers, so patients are only asked relevant questions. Their responses are sent back to you in Spruce, where you can review and respond to the patient.

Each questionnaire includes three parts:

  • History of present illness
  • Physical exam proxy (photos and asynchronous video)
  • Pertinent medical history

Spruce Visits must be used within  Secure Conversations (app-to-app messaging on Spruce). The Lock Icon next to the patient's name indicates a secure conversation. You can attach and send a Spruce Visit from any conversation that shows the Lock Icon.

Sending a Spruce Visit

To send a Spruce Visit, select a secure patient conversation (with  Lock Icon), select the Plus + Icon at the bottom of the compose bar, then select Spruce Visit

This will direct you to our library of complaint-specific questionnaires. Here you can preview all of the available Spruce Visits before choosing one to send to your patient. Interested in seeing what visits we offer and how it works? Check out this 1 minute video walking through our Spruce Visits.

When you are ready to send, select the Spruce Visit you want to use, then select Attach. The visit will be attached to a secure message to your patient. You can now add a personal message to your patient before selecting Send to send your message and the Spruce Visit.

Learn More

Spruce Visits can save you time and help streamline your practice. Lean more about using Spruce Visits and how our team builds them on the blog:

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