Spruce Visits

Spruce Visits are adaptive clinical questionnaires that can be used for new patient intake, remote management of routine conditions, and/or follow-up.

Like Video Visits, Spruce Visits are initiated from within Secure patient conversations.

  • To send a Spruce Visit, invite your patient to a Secure patient conversation (more detailed instructions can be found in 'Adding a Patient').
  • Ensure that the patient has created an account on Spruce. You can confirm that they have done so by checking the banner beneath their name. If the patient has created an account, 'Patient has not yet created an account' will disappear.

Attaching a Spruce Visit

Once your patient has created their account on Spruce, log into your Spruce account on web or mobile, click on the patient's secure message, in the compose area, click on Patient, tap the '+' button and select 'Spruce Visit'.

This will take you to our library of complaint-specific algorithms. Each algorithm is comprised of three parts:

  • History of present illness
  • Physical exam proxy, which are photos and/or asynchronous video
  • Pertinent medical history

To aid in selection, you can preview any visit, then attach and send it to the patient.

To learn more about  How We Build Spruce Visits, check out our blog!

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How to send a Spruce Visit from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

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