Conversation Assignment


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Introduction to conversation assignment

Divide and conquer your inbox, or to tell your teammates that you are “claiming” a conversation that you plan to manage. Conversation assignment lets any team member in your organization take responsibility for a conversation in just two clicks. This is the most effective way to triage incoming patient requests and give your team a clear understanding of who is working on what. 

Conversations can be assigned to any teammate in your Spruce account, including yourself. Once assigned, conversations are removed from the shared Inbox filter and appear in the assignee's Mine filter. This keeps the shared inbox clear and prevents two people from working on one conversation at the same time. Please note: your Spruce account won't have a "Mine" filter unless you have at least one other teammate on your account.

When you're done helping a patient, always archive the conversation, and it will automatically be un-assigned. This ensures that any future messages from that patient go to the general Inbox so that any available teammate can help.

Please note, conversation assignment is only enabled by default for team practices. If are part of a team and do not see this feature enabled on your account we are happy to turn that on for you! Please contact Support through the Spruce app to request conversation assignment for your account.

Conversation assignment on the web

To assign a conversation from the  web, you'll need to select the Assignment Icon (a person inside a dotted circle). You can do this two ways:

  • From a list of conversations: hover over the conversation heading, and the Assignment Icon will appear to the far right in the row.
  • From inside a conversation: the Assignment Icon will open be at the top right of the page.

Once you select the Assignment Icon, you'll see a list of all teammates in your organization. Select the assignee, and you're done. You'll see the assignee's initials or picture appear in place of the Assignment Icon.

Conversation assignment on the mobile app

To assign a conversation on the  mobile app, open the conversation and select Assign in the top right corner. You'll see a list of all teammates in your organization. Select the assignee, and you're done.

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