Using Saved Messages Efficiently

Saved Messages are an efficient way to communicate frequently-used content with less typing. But did you know you can use multiple Saved Messages in the same reply, and that you can insert them just by typing "."? Whether you are asking for payment or simply signing your name, here are some tips for using Saved Messages like an expert.

Inserting with a "."

Within the compose bar, just leave a space and then press "." A menu all of your Saved Messages will pop up. Keep typing to search the titles of your Saved Messages to find the one you want, then insert it.

Smart titles for Saved Messages:

The key to using saved message efficiently is making your titles easy to search. First, title the message with something that describes the content and can be remembered easily. Second, if you use multiple words, omit the spaces to improve the in-line search function.






Watch the demonstration below for some examples of how to optimize your Saved Messages to keep your correspondence quick and efficient.

Using saved messages efficiently from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

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