Audio Recording for Phone Trees

If you are working with Spruce to create a phone tree, you'll need audio recordings for any messages you want your callers to hear. Once you have decided which phone tree design works best for your practice, prepare all necessary audio recordings and email them to along with an outline of your phone tree.

The quality of your recordings will impact what your callers hear. When someone is calling your practice for the first time, audio quality matters! For the best recordings, follow these tips:

  • Use a voice recording app, like Voice Memos on the iPhone.
  • Reduce background noise and echoes. For a low-cost way to reduce ambient sound, you might try recording under a blanket or in a closet filled with clothing.
  • Speak quickly but clearly.
  • Write down your script and read it rather than trying to recite your message from memory.
  • Consider using a microphone.
  • Listen to the recording before sending it to Spruce to ensure your voice is audible and you're happy with the recording.

We accept most formats of audio recordings, but all files will be converted to mp3 before being added to your Spruce account. Title your audio files clearly to correspond with a detailed outline of your phone tree (you can use this document as a template). 

Finally, email the recordings and your phone tree outline to

Using the Voice Memos app on iPhone:

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