Spruce-Elation Integration

Our Elation integration allows you to seamlessly update your patient's medical record without leaving Spruce. There are two configurations that you can chose from: Automatic Sync or Selective Sync.

Automatic Sync:

Every 24 hours Spruce will sync any new activity to its corresponding Elation chart as a miscellaneous note. This can be set to include all activity or just patient-facing activity (i.e., excluding Internal Notes).

Spruce Elation Integration from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

Selective Sync:

Selective Sync allows you to pick and chose what should be added to the medical record and when. Items you choose will be populated as miscellaneous notes in Elation.

Selective Sync -- Elation from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

What happens to pictures, videos and attachments?

When you sync a message that contains a picture, video, or attachment, it will appear in Elation as a link to the original message in Spruce. If you want to have the original document transferred to the medical record, first download it from Spruce, then upload it to Elation.

Spruce Visits will also transfer as a link to the original document in Spruce. To add the original document to the medical record, download the visit as a PDF from Spruce and upload it to Elation.

What if one Spruce thread is used by a guardian for multiple kids?

With Selective Sync, you can chose which Elation chart you sync the messages to. Make sure to have the guardian specify which dependent they are writing in about so you can accurately match the message to their chart in Elation.

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