Scheduling Autoresponders and Phone Trees

Please note: the scheduling capability for autoresponders and phone trees is only available for our Communicator Plan users and above. 

Spruce can set any  autoresponder or phone tree to a schedule so that it will automatically switch to a different behavior at a designated time. This can be used to schedule anything from after hours phone trees to lunch time autoresponders. 

For example, say your business is open Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm and on Friday from 9am-2pm. We can configure schedules such that:

  • You have a business hours phone tree active while you are open. 
  • At 5pm every weekday, the after-hours phone tree is automatically activated, and the business-hours phone tree takes over at 9am the next business day.
  • An after hours autoresponder automatically turns on at 5pm every weekday, letting people know they are messaging in after hours and have to call 911 they are having an emergency. 

If you have any autoresponders or phone trees set to a schedule, you will see the following options in your settings:

From your web application or mobile application, you have the ability to turn on and off the schedule if you ever wish to override it manually. However, if you want to change the timing of the schedule, please contact Spruce Support.

If you want an autoresponder or phone tree set to a schedule, write to Support through your Spruce app or send us an email at with your desired schedule, time zone, and which autoresponder or phone tree you want set to that schedule.

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