Voicemail Basics


Introduction to the Spruce voicemail system

When you receive a call to your Spruce Number, you will be instructed to press 1 to accept the call. If you miss the call, or decide not to accept it at that time, the patient will be routed to the Spruce voicemail system. 

When a voicemail is captured through Spruce, the voicemail recording and transcription (if enabled) appear in the caller's standard conversation on Spruce, not on your personal cell phone or desk phone. This allows all patient communication to exist in one secure place. From here, voicemails are available for playback at any time.

Setting your customized voicemail greeting

One benefit of Spruce is the ability to maintain a separate professional voicemail greeting, distinct from the personal greeting that lives on your cell phone. As a default, your Spruce account will be set up with a greeting that names your practice (as you've indicated in your Settings under Team Name):

“You have reached [Team Name]. Please leave a message after the tone.”

You can customize your voicemail greeting by recording from the Spruce mobile app. (Please note, you cannot customize your voicemail greeting from Spruce on the web – you must use the mobile app.)

Select the Person Icon in the top left corner to open your Settings
Select  Phone Number
Select your Spruce Phone Number
Select  Voicemail Greeting
Select  Custom to record your greeting of choice
When you are finished, select  Save.

Turning on transcription

Spruce offers automated voicemail transcription that can help give you an idea of what a voicemail is about without having to listen to it right away. While automated transcription will not be a perfect copy of what was said on the voicemail, it's often a helpful tool. 

To enable transcription, select the  Person Icon in the top left corner to open your Settings. Select Phone Number, and select your Spruce Phone Number. Set the Voicemail Transcription toggle to ON (blue).

Sending all calls to voicemail

One way to redirect calls when you do not wish to receive them is to turn on the  Send Calls to Voicemail settingThis setting causes all calls to be immediately sent to voicemail without ringing your phone. This is perfect for after-hours or busy times, when you can selectively 'silence' professional calls without also silencing personal calls.

To use this feature, select the Person Icon in the top left corner to open your Settings. Select Phone Number, and select your Spruce Phone Number. 

  • When Send Calls to Voicemail is OFF (gray): Phones numbers listed in the Numbers to Ring list will ring when someone calls your Spruce Number.
  • When Send Calls to Voicemail is ON (blue): Callers to your Spruce Number will hear your voicemail greeting and be invited to leave a message. Your phone will not ring.
  • Please note, this is an organization-wide setting. When Send Calls to Voicemail is turned on, it will affect all phone numbers and teammates in your Spruce organization. The setting is most commonly used to control after-hours calls once your practice has closed for the day.

Advanced voicemail features

Spruce supports a range of advanced voicemail features, including:

  • Phone trees that distinguish between urgent and non-urgent messages
  • SMS alerts to on-call providers for urgent messages

Advanced voicemail features are included as part of our Communicator plan. If you would like to add this to your account, please send a message in the Spruce Support conversation in the app.

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