Spruce Communication Channels


On Spruce, all of your patient communication is stored in one place. Within our Standard Conversations and Secure Conversations, you can communicate with patients in a variety of ways. Here are the communication channels that Spruce supports, with links to learn more about each one.

Standard conversation channels

These communication channels are available regardless of whether your patient is using the Spruce app.

SMS text messaging

SMS text messaging on Spruce works just like the text messages you send to friends and family from your personal phone. With Spruce, you can send text messages to a patient, and the patient will receive the message on their mobile phone, just like a text message from a friend.

Phone calls

Spruce supports inbound and outbound phone calls, both from the mobile app and from the web. Patients receive your calls just as they would any other call to their mobile phone.


You can send and receive faxes electronically using Spruce. Spruce Support will provision a fax number that enables you to send messages with attachments that arrive to the recipient as a fax, as well as allowing you to receive faxes as messages with attachments in your Spruce inbox.


Spruce offers basic email functionality. We will provision an email address for you using the structure [x]@[y].sprucecare.com, where [x] and [y] are customized by you. You can send an email to a patient from the Spruce app, and they will receive this email the same way they receive any other email to their personal email account. 

Secure conversation channels

These communication channels are available when your patient has downloaded the Spruce app and created an account. You can encourage patients to download Spruce by sharing your Spruce Link.

Secure messaging

Secure messaging is similar to text messaging, but information never leaves Spruce, making the messages secure. This is an ideal way to discuss sensitive health information with patients. When they receive a secure message from you, patients will log in to the Spruce app on their mobile phone to read and respond to the message. 

Video calling

You can initiate video calls with your patients on Spruce from within a patient's secure conversation. Your patient will need to log in to the Spruce app to connect the call. While patients can accept your calls, they cannot initiate video calls with you. 

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