Creating Your Spruce Account

Spruce is the leading platform for communication and care outside of the exam room. To get started just download the Spruce app -- available on iOS, Android and web.

Create an account by selecting 'I'm a Healthcare Professional'. You'll be prompted to create a new team by entering the name of your practice or group. If you are a solo practitioner you can also just use your name (ex. John Smith, MD).

Follow the guided account creation process by entering your mobile number and setting up your profile.


Once you’ve created your account, log in to Spruce on both mobile and web to access your patients and team conversations anytime, anywhere.

Start using Spruce

Now that you've created your account you can start using Spruce in your practice to:

Make and receive phone calls

How to use Spruce to call patients without disclosing your personal phone number

Communicate with Patients

Spruce's Patient Conversations record all types of practice-patient communication in one unified thread.

Invite teammates

Create a shared inbox to collaborate in real time around patient care

And More

See all the ways you can use Spruce in your practice, from a second phone line, to helping office staff better manage patient communication, to digital care with our telemedicine features

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