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Introduction to the Spruce Widget

A Spruce Widget is an interactive component that you can place on your website to engage and interact with your website visitors. Any communication that results from the Spruce Widget lands directly into your Spruce Inbox. You'll contact the Spruce Support team with your information in order to have your widget created. Please read the article below carefully to understand your options and assemble all the information needed to have your widget created. 

Requesting a Spruce Widget

Once you have read through the options below, please email support@sprucehealth.com with the following information to request a customized Spruce Widget for your website:

Title: What the visitor will see as the title of the widget when they open it.
Primary color: The color of the circle and the top header.
List of chosen content templates and their required content: Mix and match the 3 templates below to create up to 6 content boxes.

Once we have this information, Spruce Support will build the widget and we will send you a snippet of code that you can drop into the body of your website. 

Content templates

All Spruce Widgets are made up of three basic content templates: contact form, link to page, and send a saved message. Use these templates to create up to 6 total content blocks for your unique Widget.

Template 1: Contact form

Use this template to capture a phone number or email address and a comment or question from your site visitors. Example uses of this template: 

  • Schedule an Appointment for appointment scheduling  
  • Ask us Anything for general inquiries 
  • Member Support to accept feedback 

To use this content template, please provide Spruce Support with the following information:

Title: "Ask Us Anything"
Description: "Hi :) We'd be happy to help you learn more about Spruce. Ask us anything!"
Placeholder text for the message box: "What are you contacting us about? For example..."
Automated message for the user to receive via email or text message once they submit the form.

Template 2: Link to page

Use this template to capture the intent of the visitor and then link them to a different page on your website. Example uses of this template: 

  • Get a Demo (navigate visitor to demo scheduling page)
  • Join Now (navigate visitor to onboarding page)
  • Membership Options (navigate visitor to pricing and plans page)

To use this content template, please provide Spruce Support with the following information:

Title: "Get a Demo"
Description: "To learn more about how Spruce can help your practice, get a demo with one of our practice experts."
Button text: "GET A DEMO"
URL to link to once the button is selected

Template 3: Send a saved message

Use this template to capture a visitor's phone number and follow up with a canned response sent by text message. Example uses of this template: 

  • Get Spruce (distribute the Spruce app to your patients by sending them a link to get started)

To use this content template, please provide Spruce Support with the following information:

Title: "Try Telemedicine on Spruce"
Description: "Spruce enables practices to treat patients remotely for a range of chief complaints. See how it works!"
Text above number capture: "Enter your mobile number to experience telemedicine as a patient."
Automated message that the visitor should receive when they click on the button

Customer examples

See customer examples here:


Unfortunately, certain website-building platforms are not compatible with the Spruce Widget. The widget cannot be placed on a Wix website at this time. Spruce widget does not track clicks with Google Analytics. 

Not using Spruce yet? Learn more here.

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