Internal Notes


Introduction to internal notes

Spruce internal notes are like “sticky notes” on a patient chart, but exist within patient conversations in Spruce. They are only visible to you and your teammates; patients cannot see internal notes. Internal notes are often used for clinical notes, assigning tasks, or paging yourself or teammates to create a reminder or to draw attention to a message. 

Internal notes are differentiated from patient-facing messages in the Spruce conversation in a few ways:

Internal Notes Patient-Facing Messages
When composing, you'll select  Internal from the compose bar. You will see a yellow background, and the button in the bottom right will read Post.

When composing, you'll select the message channel from the compose bar. You will see a white background, and the button in the bottom-right will read Send.

Once posted, you'll see a yellow background and Internal below the sender's name.

Once sent, you'll see a white background.

Posting an internal note

Open a patient conversation. In the compose bar, select Internal. The background will be yellow. Compose your note and select Post. Once you have posted the internal message, you will see a yellow background and the word Internal below your name to indicate it is an internal note.

Posting an internal note from the web

Posting an internal note from the web.

Posting an internal note from the mobile app

Posting an internal note from the mobile app.

Scheduling internal notes

Just like with patient-facing messages, you can schedule internal notes to post at a later time to serve as a reminders to yourself or your teammates. To schedule an internal message, compose the message, then select the Calendar Icon at the bottom of the compose bar. Toggle on (blue) Schedule Message Delivery, and set a date and time for the message to be delivered. Then select Schedule.

Default to internal notes

Defaulting to internal notes is a good practice that prevents you from accidentally sending an internal comment to a patient. On the web, you can set internal notes as the default setting for your compose bar. To change this, select the Gear Icon to open your Settings, then toggle Default to Internal Notes ON (blue) or OFF (white).

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