Workflow Recipe: Simple Automated Reply


This article is an Automated Workflow Recipe, a detailed example of how to use Spruce Workflow Automation in your practice. We recommend you start by reading our article on Workflow Automation.

Automated Workflow: Simple automated reply

You can establish an Automated Workflow that simply responds to any inbound communication. This allows you to make your patients feel heard, even if you can't immediately reply to their message. 

This simple Workflow includes many options to tailor it to your needs:

  • You can limit how often the automated message will send. For example, you can have it send only once in a three-hour time span. This way, if a patient sends two messages in a row, they won't receive the automatic reply twice. 
  • You can select the types of inbound communication that will trigger the automated reply from the following: email, fax, SMS text messages, secure message, and phone calls. 
  • You can set conditions that limit when the automated reply will trigger. For example, set the condition to only send the automated message if a provider has not sent a message to that patient within the last hour. This way, the automated message will not send while a provider is in the middle of communicating with a patient. 
  • You can compose the message and specify the sender of the message. For example, you can select that the message is sent from a specific provider, or that the message is sent from the organization. 

Workflow Recipe

Each Automated Workflow contains three parts, the WHEN (Trigger), the IF (Conditions), and the THEN (Action). Triggers and Actions are required, but Conditions are optional. 

Here is the Recipe for this simple automated reply Workflow

WHEN (Trigger)   When a patient contacts the practice via email, fax, SMS, or secure message;
IF (Conditions)  
If there is no active conversation in progress, indicated by the fact that no provider has messaged the patient within the last 3 hours;
THEN (Action)   

Then post a message to the conversation

  • Select the sender for the message (from: SpruceTutorials)
  • Write the message text ("Thank you for contacting our practice! We have received your message and we will be in contact as soon as we can.")

Visual examples

When a patient sends an SMS text message to your Spruce number, they will receive the automated message based on the Workflow Recipe. In this specific example, the Recipe rules that only one automated text will be sent in a three-hour period. 

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