Workflow Recipe: Patient Assignment


This article is an Automated Workflow Recipe, a detailed example of how to use Spruce Workflow Automation in your practice. We recommend you start by reading our article on Workflow Automation.

Automated Workflow: Patient assignment 

You can use this Workflow to automatically assign patient conversations to the correct doctor. This reduces the manual action of assigning each conversation every time there is a new message. Once the conversation has been assigned to a given doctor, it will appear in their "Mine" filter, and will not be visible in the general Inbox filter while it is assigned to this doctor. This allows you to clear up your Inbox, and avoid sifting through conversations that don't pertain to you. This Workflow requires that your organization is using Conversation Assignment in Spruce.

To maintain organization, this Workflow uses a condition that says the automatic assignment will only happen when the conversation currently lacks an assignment. 

This workflow will include  Spruce Buttons. Spruce Buttons are visual options patients can select when using the Spruce app. They can be customized to trigger subsequent Workflows when selected by a patient. In this example, the Buttons correspond to the names of the doctors in the sample practice:

  • [Dr. Wexler] 
  • [Dr. Abrams] 
  • [Dr. Castro] 
  • [Dr. Bevers] 

After you define the Spruce Buttons, you can define the action that occurs when a Button is selected. For example, when a patient selects  [Dr. Wexler], the conversation will automatically be assigned to Dr. Wexler, who can then initiate contact with the patient. The conversation will be removed from the general Inbox and will populate in Dr. Wexler's "Mine" filter. 

In addition, this Workflow automatically adds a tag to the conversation corresponding with the correct doctor. For example, if a patient selects [Dr. Wexler], the tag "Wexler" will be added to the conversation.

Workflow Recipe

Each Automated Workflow contains three parts, the  Trigger (WHEN), the Conditions (IF), and the Action (THEN). Triggers and Actions are required, but Conditions are optional. 

Here is the  Recipe for this patient assignment Workflow

WHEN (Trigger) When a patient sends a secure message in the Spruce app;
IF (Conditions) The patient conversation is currently unassigned (lacks an assignment); 
THEN (Action) Post a message to the conversation that includes Buttons and assign the conversation Select the sender for the message (from: Spruce Tutorials)  
  • Compose the message text ("Please select the doctor you wish to speak with, and they will reply at their earliest convenience. If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room."
  • Define Buttons to be sent within the message: [Dr. Wexler] [Dr. Abrams] [Dr. Bevers] [Dr. Castro] 
  • Configure a subsequent Automated Workflow for each Button Applies a tag ("Wexler," "Abrams," "Bevers," or "Castro") 
  • Assigns the conversation to that doctor

Visual Examples

With this Workflow, when a patient messages securely in the app and the conversation is currently unassigned, they will automatically receive a message with your specified Buttons. The patient can only select one Button, and after they make a selection they cannot select another Button. 

Once the patient makes a selection, the conversation will be assigned to the doctor they selected, and the conversation will be tagged with the doctor's name. Then, the doctor can reply to the patient. 

The images below illustrate the related workflows after a patient selects a Button.


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