Workflow Recipe: Spruce Visit After-Hours


This article is an Automated Workflow Recipe, a detailed example of how to use Spruce Workflow Automation in your practice. We recommend you start by reading our article on Workflow Automation.

Automated Workflow: Spruce Visit after-hours

This Workflow automatically respond to patients when they complete a Spruce Visit outside your business hours. Patients can reply and indicate if they have an urgent or non-urgent complaint. For non-urgent matters, providers will be notified the next morning. For urgent matters, all providers in a practice will receive an SMS text message alerting them that a patient has completed an urgent Spruce Visit after hours. This allows you to stay informed while limiting after-hours notifications. 

This Workflow uses a Condition that restricts the automatic message to times outside of normal clinic hours. If a patient completes a visit during business hours they will not receive this after-hours message. 

This workflow will include  Spruce Buttons. Spruce Buttons are visual options patients can select when using the Spruce app. They can be customized to trigger subsequent Workflows when selected by a patient. The following example contains two Buttons:

  • [Urgent] 
  • [Non-urgent]

After you define the Spruce Buttons, you can define the action that occurs when a Button is selected. For example, when a patient selects  [Non-urgent], you can define that all providers should receive a notification the following morning that a patient completed a Spruce Visit after-hours. When [Urgent] is selected, you can define that all providers should receive an urgent SMS notification. 

Workflow Recipe 

Each Automated Workflow contains three parts, the WHEN (Trigger), the IF (Conditions), and the THEN (Action). Triggers and Actions are required, but Conditions are optional. 

Here is the Recipe for this Spruce Visit after-hours Workflow

WHEN (TRIGGER) When a patient competes a Spruce Visit;
IF (CONDITIONS) The visit is completed outside of the office's business hours;
THEN (ACTION) Post a message to the conversation that includes Buttons.
  • Select the sender for the message (from: Spruce Tutorials)
  • Compose the message text ("Thank you for completing this visit. It is currently outside of our normal business hours. If this is a non-urgent matter, select [Non-Urgent] and someone from our team will be in contact in the next business day. If this is an urgent matter, select [Urgent] and someone from our team will be in touch as soon as possible. If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.")
  • Define Buttons to be sent within the message: [Non-Urgent] [Urgent] 
  • Configure a subsequent Automated Workflow for each Button 
    • [Non-Urgent]: page providers the next morning with a message indicating the patient completed a Spruce Visit after hours  
    • [Urgent]: send an SMS notification to all providers, indicating a patient completed a Spruce Visit after hours about an urgent matter

Visual examples

With this Workflow, when a patient submits a Spruce visit after-hours they will automatically receive a message back with Buttons asking them to indicate whether the Visit is urgent. The patient can only select one Button, and after they make a selection they cannot select another Button. 

If [Urgent] is selected, the specified provider(s) will be paged within Spruce and will receive an SMS notification indicating that a patient has submitted an urgent Spruce Visit after hours. 

If [Non-urgent] is selected, the specified provider(s) will be paged the next business day to avoid receiving notifications after hours. 

The images below illustrate this Workflow from both the provider and patient view. 

Patient view

Provider view

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