The Spruce Inbox


You can also learn about your Spruce inbox by watching this video:

Introduction to the Spruce inbox 

Your Spruce inbox is your "home" on Spruce. This is what you see every time you log in and where you'll start your work in Spruce. The inbox is a collaborative space where every teammate in your organization can work together to communicate and address patient needs.

On the web, you'll see Navigation Icons on the far left side of the page that help you find your way around Spruce. Next to the icons are your Filters, which let you see all your organization's patient and team conversations in an organized way. The main section of the page lists all the conversations visible in the Filter you have currently selected. 

Navigation icons

The icons on the far left side of the web view include the Spruce Logo, the Plus Icon, the Inbox Icon, the Gear Icon, and the Arrow Icon

  • The Spruce Logo brings you back to your homepage, the inbox.
  • The Plus Icon starts a new conversation.
  • The Inbox Icon brings you back to your homepage, the inbox.
  • The Gear Icon takes you to your Settings page.
  • At the bottom left, the Arrow Icon lets you log out of Spruce

Standard filters


The Inbox Filter contains all patient conversations with new activity. That means every time a patient texts, calls, secure messages, or leaves a voicemail, the associated conversation will populate in this filter. Conversations with new activity will remain in the inbox filter until they are archived by any member of the team. The Inbox Filter is global – it shows the same content for every member of your team.


The  Team Filter contains all Team Conversations with new activity that have not been archived. Unlike patient conversations, which are accessible to all teammates in the organization, Team Conversations are only accessible to the teammates that have been added. This means the Team Filter is personal – it only shows the Team Conversations that you can access. Note that Team Conversations can only be found through the Team Filter. They are not accessible through the Inbox Filter. 


The Pages Filter contains all conversations in which you have a been Paged and in which you have not yet resolved the Page. Once you resolve the Page, the associated conversation will no longer appear in your Pages Filter. The Pages filter is personal – it only shows conversations in which you have been Paged, not Pages directed at teammates.


The Starred Filter contains all conversations you have starred for reference or follow-up. The Starred Filter is personal – it only shows the conversations you have starred, not conversations starred by teammates.


The Archived Filter contains all conversations that have been archived by any team member. The Archived Filter is global – every team member sees the same contents in this filter. We recommend archiving conversations after you respond to the patient and have no other follow-up actions to take. This keeps your Inbox Filter neat and tidy.

Custom filters

Custom filters are available on our Communicator plan only. Filters have custom options, especially helpful if your team uses Conversation Assignment on Spruce. Check in with the Spruce Support Team if you wish to add additional filters to help manage patient communication. 

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