Managing Teammates

Spruce is built for teams, helping you communicate securely and collaborate around your patients' care. Adding teammates to your Spruce organization creates a shared inbox through which any team member can engage in patient communication and secure messaging with each other.

To see all the teammates currently on your account, enter "Settings" and choose "Manage Team."

Inviting a Teammate

  • To invite a teammate from the web, enter Settings by clicking the gear icon on the home screen. Select "Manage Team." 
  • On the Spruce mobile app, enter Settings by tapping the icon in upper left. Then tap "Invite Teammates." 
  • Enter your teammate's email address and mobile phone number.
  • Inviting a teammate automatically generates an email from Spruce with a "Get Started" button. New teammates should tap "Get Started" in the email to sign up for Spruce, rather than downloading the app directly from the app store.

Managing Teammates in User Groups

  • Everyone can view a list of your current User Groups on the "Manage Team" page. However, by default you cannot make changes to User Groups without additional administrative access. 
  • If you have been give access to manage User Groups, you can:
    • Create new User Groups.
    • Add and remove members from existing User Groups.
    • Rename existing User Groups.

Removing a Teammate

  • If you need to remove a teammate from your organization entirely, please contact Spruce Support.

Starting a Team Conversation

Once your teammates have joined your organization, you can start a team conversation for secure internal chat.

  • To start a new Team Conversation, tap the blue '+' button in your inbox and select "Team Conversation."
  • Add a single teammate or multiple teammates to a Team Conversation, and name it.
  • If a Team Conversation is no longer relevant to you, you can leave it by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right of the thread.

Unlike patient conversations, which by default are accessible to all teammates, only teammates who have been added to a Team Conversation can access that conversation and the messages exchanged therein.

You can add teammates to existing Team Conversations at any time. Please note that any teammates you add at a later date will be able to see all previous messages exchanged.

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