Transferring Calls


Introduction to call transfer

Spruce phone calls can be made from your mobile phone, and if you have our desk phone setup, they can also be made from a variety of VoIP phone brands and models. In order to transfer any Spruce call, please follow the instructions in this article for they type of phone you are using. Please note, you can only transfer inbound calls. 

Call transfer on mobile phones and desk phones

If you use the Spruce VoIP phone system, you can transfer active inbound calls to other phone numbers or Spruce extensions, either from your cell phone or from a desk phone.

For example, let's say you are on the phone with Alice, and you'd like to transfer her call to Bob at extension 101. Following the instructions below will first connect you with Bob, where you can set context for the call, and then complete the transfer by connecting Bob and Alice. This is also known as a warm transfer.

Please note:

  • Call transfer only works for inbound calls. Outbound calls placed from your practice may not be transferred.
  • Extension shortcuts (e.g., 101 instead of the actual phone number) are only supported for desk phones and not for cell phones.

Follow the steps below to transfer an active inbound call:

Press the * key to start the transfer process and put the caller on hold.
You will hear a menu that says: “Press 1 to transfer the call, or press 2 to return to the caller.”
Press 1 and dial the phone number you’d like to transfer the call to, followed by the # key. You can dial any phone number or known extension for a Spruce desk phone in your practice.
You will be connected to the number or phone you are transferring to. You can speak to the person receiving the call to set context for the transfer.
Press the * key again. You will hear a menu that says: “Press 1 to complete the transfer, or press 2 to cancel the transfer and return to the original call.”
Press 1. You will be disconnected, and the original caller will be connected with the number or phone you transferred to.
If you press 2 at either audible menu, you will be connected back to the original caller.

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