911 on Spruce

Calling 911 from your mobile phone

You can call 911 from your Spruce app, but the process will look a bit different than calling any other number from the app. 

When you open the dial pad within the Spruce app and try to dial out 911, a pop-up will show up in the bottom of the screen (see image below) that prompts you to dial the number from your normal cell phone’s dialer, not from within Spruce. 

We prompt you to dial out from your personal number because the phone carrier that we use to support your Spruce number, Twilio, does not support calling 911. Once you follow the prompts to dial out from your personal phone, you'll be connected to 911.

Because of this, when you call 911, the operator will see your personal cell phone number and the call will not be placed through or logged in Spruce. In most cases, when you call 911 from a cell phone, it will route to the local dispatch based on your area code. Your location is determined by a process called e911, Enhanced 911, and routing your call is the responsibility of your personal cell phone carrier, not Spruce. 

Dialing 911 from your desk VoIP phone

You can dial 911 from a Spruce VoIP phone just as you would any other number. When you call 911 from a VoiP phone, the call will be routed to your local dispatch, as we register each phone number with the local address of the practice.

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