Canceling Your Account

Looking to cancel your Spruce account? We are sorry to see you go and would love learn how we could do better. 

Cancelation process 

When you decide to cancel your service with Spruce you will have to let us know if you want to keep your Spruce phone and/or fax number or just have us delete them. Spruce will keep your login active so you will be able to log in to Spruce to manually transfer or reference patient records in Spruce as needed. We can also deactivate your email login if you prefer. 

Canceling during a trial

If you are still in your trial period of Spruce and have not entered your credit card information you do not need to do anything as your account will automatically lose access at the end of the trial. If you have entered your credit card and but have not been charged as you are still in the trial period please message into Spruce Support in app to cancel or call (415) 787-7717.

Canceling as active customer

If you have are a paying customer or have  entered credit card information during the trial and wish to discontinue services, please message into Spruce Support in app or call (415) 787-7717 to cancel your subscription.

Porting your number(s) away from Spruce

Spruce allows you to move your number to another service provider should you choose to leave Spruce. If you want to keep your number, you must find a new carrier to use with your number before you can cancel. Reach out to your new company (carrier) and tell them you would like to port in your number. Each carrier has their own requirements of what they need from you and your current carrier to successfully port your number to them. Please message us if you need any account numbers, pins or other information from us and we are happy to supply. This process can take 1-4 weeks so please account for this time and refer to your new carrier for a more accurate timeline.

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