Telemedicine FAQs

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How do I make a video call?

To make a video call with a patient, make sure that you have invited them to your Spruce account by sending them a Spruce link to download the app or create an account online. Once they do, you'll see a lock next to their name and a video icon in their secure conversation. 

Do video calls get recorded? How do I document them in my EHR?

We don't record the actual video call today. However, we do document the date & time and length of the call so that you can document in your electronic health record.

What is a Spruce Link and how do I get one?

A Spruce Link is an easy way for you to invite your patients to Spruce. When patients click your link, they are prompted to download the app or sign up online depending where they click the link. To view or create your Spruce Link, click on your app Settings and you’ll see the link listed under “Spruce Links." You can bulk message or email this link to patients or even put on your website.

Is Spruce HIPAA-compliant?

The short answer: yes, Spruce can be used in a HIPAA-compliant way. We recommend reading this white paper from our medical director for more detailed information on the security of the communication channels.

How do I make and receive calls without sharing my personal cell phone number?

Spruce protects your personal phone number when you call patients. Your Spruce phone number is the number you give patients to contact you. When patients call your Spruce phone number, the call can route to your personal cell phone or any other number you choose, all without revealing your personal cell phone number. Learn more here.

Can I use Spruce on my desktop and phone?

Yes! You can use Spruce on the web by logging into or on your mobile phone and so can your patients!

The video or sound is not working on my computer. 

You need to give permissions when first doing a video call. Usually a pop-up will show up that you have to select Allow or Okay. If you didn't see that or don't recall what you selected please go to your computer's internet browser (Chrome, etc) and change permissions. Need more information? Read this article with step by step instructions by browser type. Another good practice is to update your browser to the latest version. 

How do I improve the video call quality?

Video call quality will depends on a few factors such as internet speed, device speed, and camera quality. We have found that often mobile phones have better cameras and internet speeds than computers so try on your mobile device if you see quality is not great on your or your patient's computer. If you are using WiFi, ensure that you're close to the router and if possible, have a wired connection to your router to your computer. Another tip is to make sure you are well lit, try moving your lights around for best quality. 

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