Standard Conversations

Standard patient conversations let you to communicate with patients without requiring them to download an app. They can include phone calls, SMS text messages, and email.

Starting a Standard Conversation as a patient:

To get started, distribute your Spruce number and email address (if applicable) to your patients. All texts, calls, and emails from a patient to your Spruce number will appear in one unified patient conversation in your Spruce inbox.

When you reply to your patient, you can switch between messaging channels. Just open the patient conversation and look down at the compose bar. Tap on the icon that looks like three sliders. Here you can toggle between SMS and email.

Starting a Standard Conversation as a provider:

Standard Conversation Creation from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

To discuss your patient's health information or conduct a video visit, we recommend using Secure Conversations, which take place inside the Spruce App. See more about how to invite your patients to a Secure Conversation: Click here to learn more

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