Team Conversations

Once your teammates have joined your organization you can start a team conversation, which is an internal chat in Spruce. (Haven't invited a teammate yet? Learn how to here.)

How to start a team conversation:

  • Tap the blue '+' button in your inbox.
  • Choose "Team Conversation".
  • Name the conversation if you want to (optional).
  • Add at least one teammate to the conversation. You can add all teammates by selecting your Practice Name.
  • Click "Create Conversation".
  • Now you can send internal messages to the specific group of teammates you included.

If a Team Conversation is no longer relevant to you, you can leave it by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the conversation and selecting "Leave Conversation".

Unlike patient conversations, which are accessible by all teammates by default, only the teammates who have been invited to a team conversation can access that conversation and the messages exchanged therein.

You can add teammates to existing team conversations at any time, but please note that any teammates you add at a later date will be able to see all previous messages exchanged.

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