Call Forwarding

Learn how to configure your Spruce phone number to forward calls to a cell phone or landline number.

Note that in order to answer an incoming call to a Spruce phone number, it has to be forwarded to a cell phone number or landline number.

You can forward incoming calls to Spruce to up to 5 phone numbers. You can configure call forwarding via the "Numbers to Ring" list under the settings page of your app. The phone numbers do not have to be cell phone numbers, they can landline or VOIP phone numbers as well.

Simultaneous calling

Note that if you have multiple phone numbers listed in the list, then all phone numbers will be called simultaneously. The first person to answer the call wins and all the call attempts are dropped.

Going on-call for a provider

Let's say that you are going on-call for provider A, then it is the responsibility for provider A to update their "Numbers to Ring" list to swap out their phone number with your phone number, such that calls to their Spruce phone number forward to you.

If one of the numbers in the list is unavailable...

Note that if any one of the phone numbers in the Numbers to Ring list is unavailable, we highly recommend removing the number from the list as otherwise, calls to your Spruce phone number will be routed to voicemail. 

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