Integrating Spruce with any EHR

Integrating Spruce with any Electronic Health Record

You can transfer information from Spruce to any Electronic Health Record (EHR or EMR) of your choosing via Conversation or Contact Links or Formatted Copy & Paste.

Please note this is available on web browsers (computer or iPad browsers) not on the iPhone, Android or iPad Spruce apps. 

Conversations links are unique links that allow one-click access to a patient’s communication and care history on Spruce. Inserting a patient's conversation link into their EHR record is an easy way to efficiently navigate back and forth between the EHR and your patient conversation.

  • To provide the conversation links on web, navigate to the conversation thread, and click the chain link icon. To get to the conversation link to the actual message, hover over the message to reveal three vertical dots (menu) and select "Copy Message Link".
  • To copy a conversation link on mobile, open the conversation, select the "i" icon in the top right hand corner to bring you to the conversation details section . Then, select the chain link icon to copy the entire conversation link. To select a message link, tap on the message to pull up a menu and select "Copy Link to Message".

Now you can paste the link into your patient's record in your EHR or to Spruce support should we need it. Selecting this link from your EHR in the future will take you directly to the patient’s conversation on Spruce. The link will always take you to the most recent interaction with that patient on Spruce.

Contact links are unique links that allow one-click access to a patient’s full communication and care history on Spruce. Instead of focusing on a specific conversation, you can focus on a patient's entire contact card/record so you see all of the conversations associated with that patient. Inserting a patient's contact link into their EHR record is an easy way to efficiently navigate back and forth between the EHR and your patient contact.

  • To copy a contact link on web, open the patient's contact by clicking on their name and select "Contact Link."
  • To copy a conversation link on mobile, open the patient contact and select "Copy Contact Link," under the "Contact" section.  This will copy the link. You can then paste it into your EHR or any other system you use.

Formatted copy and paste

To copy and paste specific messages from Spruce to your EHR or other system, you can take advantage of Spruce's multiple ways to copy messages. Please note this is available on web (computer) or iPad browser only so not on the iPhone, Android or iPad apps. 

To copy & paste specific messages: 

  1. Open an existing patient conversation on the web.
  2. Hover over any sent message until 3 small vertical dots appear to the right of the message. 
  3. Select the 3 vertical dots (menu) and click on "Select Message."
  4. You'll now see that this specific message has been selected. A the box will appear blue when selected.
  5. Select all of the messages you would like to copy over into your EMR. 
  6. Select "Copy Messages" on the upper left-hand corner. 
  7. Paste into your EMR. 
  8. Here is a video showing you the steps above.

Additionally, you can also highlight or select the relevant messages with your cursor, then copy it by typing cmd+c or ctrl+C on your keyboard, and then paste that into your EHR with cmd+v or ctrl+v.

With either option, the pasted text will be formatted to include the sender of each message, the channel in which it was sent, and the time of each message. See the example below. 

Example of copied text would look like when pasted. 

The links included like below would open up your Spruce account . Please note, if your EHR or other system does not allow for hyperlinks it will just show the text copy of the linked text.


Wed, July 20, 2022 at 12:35 PM | Voice Call: Lauren A Donohue (unanswered)

Lauren A Donohue called Main Number

Transcription: "Hi, this is Lauren, i'm just leave me a message because I need to book a new appointment for someone to call me back. My number 458477828. I just have a cold that's been lingering. So wanted to be."

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Fri, July 22, 2022 at 9:05 AM | SMS: Lauren A Donohue ((415) 847-7828)

Sure! Here you go!

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Want Spruce fully integrated with your EHR?

The Spruce Public API could be used to connect Spruce to any other platform, including your EHR. This would require development resources to enable, from either a 3rd party developer or the EHR company, but if you are interested in learning more, you can read more here and reach out to your EHR company.

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