Joining Multiple Clinics as a Patient


Accepting Multiple Clinic Invitations

As a patient, you can connect with different healthcare clinics that use Spruce. For example, if your primary care provider and mental health therapist both use Spruce, you'll be able to connect with both of them securely within the one Spruce app (and one login). Your healthcare providers will not be aware of other care teams you are connected with, and you'll be able to navigate between conversations with all providers directly within the app.  

You will need an invitation from your doctor before you can start communicating with them on Spruce. Please ask your healthcare provider for their Spruce Link. You should receive this unique link as a text message, email or a QR code. Once you receive an invitation, you can accept it on the web or mobile. Learn more about accepting your doctor's invitation here. Please note that you can accept all invitations in the same manner. Once you accept the invite, you'll be taken to your Spruce application.

If you are already connected with one practice, you can add another practice from within the app as long as you have their Spruce Link. If you don't have it make sure to ask them for it or have them send it to you. 

To add another provider from within the app: 

  1. Navigate to your "Get Care" tab on your mobile device.
  2. Scroll down until you see "Join another Clinic."
  3. Click on it and then enter the end of your provider's Spruce Link.
  4. Select "Next" and follow the prompt to fully connect.

Navigating Between Clinics in the App 

Once you've accepted more than one Spruce invitation, the different clinics will appear in your Get Care. You will see the option to call or secure message each clinic in this tab. All your conversations will appear in the Conversations tab (or Messages if on web). 

Please note that each clinic may initiate new conversations with you if they're regarding a different topic or a different team member, so multiple messages from the same care team may appear in your inbox. If you have any questions regarding Spruce, please message our Spruce team through the app. Visit your settings and select "Message Technical Support," or visit your "Get Care" tab and select "Message Team Spruce."  

Below you will see images from patient "Michelle" who is connected to Russian Hill Partners and Your Family Care. 

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