Placing A Call From The Web

With Spruce, initiating a call from the web allows you to place a call to the patient from anywhere, not just your cell phone. And as you'd expect, your patient will see your Spruce phone number and not your mobile or desk phone number.

While you cannot engage in a phone call on the web, you can initiate the call from the web and get back a phone number to dial to be connected with the patient via your Spruce phone number.

Here's a video that shows this in action:

Making Outbound Calls from Desktop from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

Here's how to initiate a call on the web:

  1. Start a new patient conversation
  2. Press the call button in the top right hand corner of the patient chart
  3. Ensure that the phone number in the first field is the phone number from which you will be placing the call. By default this value will be your cell phone number.
  4. Call the phone number that Spruce returns in the second field such that you are connected with the patient via your Spruce phone number.
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