Message and Conversation Details

Introduction to Message and Conversation Details

The Spruce app supports secure and non-secure messaging between providers and patients.The primary difference (beyond the obvious) is that secure messaging requires that the provider invite patients to download the Spruce app via a Spruce Link that is specific to the practice and often specific to the doctor. As a provider, when you opt to send a secure message and type in the name of your patient, the system will ask which Spruce Link you’d like to use (if you have multiple links). There may be more than one depending on how many clinicians are in the practice. It matters which Spruce Link or phone number is used to communicate with the patient because it’s a unique identifier and really no different from an email address. 

How to Locate Conversation Details

Once a secure conversation is initiated between provider and patient, the conversation details are a vital tool to better understanding the details of a message exchange, for instance, when the message was sent, when it was read, what Spruce Link or phone number is involved in the conversation, and what platform the patient is using. 

To find the details associated with a conversation:

  1. Go to your Contacts and select the appropriate patient. 
  2. Go to the Conversations section, and select the conversation of interest. 
  3. Tap the “i” in the top right corner of the screen to instantly see the details of the exchange; who it is between, the subject (which may be modified), any tags in place (which may be modified or deleted), and who the conversation is regarding. 
  4. You may add multiple contacts to the conversation from this screen as well. This is important because there may be an instance where you are treating a child but want to connect the parent to the record so the conversation shows up in both contacts.

You may also “Star” a conversation so that it appears in your starred folder for easy access and future notifications, you can copy the conversation link to share it with a colleague, clinic, or the patient’s proxy, archive a conversation once it’s complete, or make the conversation “Read Only”, which disables any further messaging. All very helpful tools. 

The 'Regarding' Section:

Inside of the conversation details, there is a section called "regarding" where you can list any contact in the system. This allows you to declare which contact this conversation is actually about, which then ensures the conversation is listed in that person's contact card. 

By default, the contact that you're communicating with in that conversation will be listed as the regarding contact. However, you can add any number of additional contacts. This is commonly used for scenarios when you are communicating with a parent / care taker about a child / patient, which will allow you to easily find the conversation at a later time by looking in either the parent / care taker's contact card or the actual patient's. 

If you still have questions, please watch the below video:

How to Locate Message Details

Once inside a Conversation, you may select the message of interest within the conversation and tap “View Message Details” to see when the message was read, the platform used, app version, device and device model, along with who the message was sent from/to. On the web, you will hover your mouse over the message to reveal three vertical dots and select Show Message Details. On mobile, you tap the message to reveal your options, one of which is the View Message Details mentioned above.

On the web, hover your mouse over the message to reveal three vertical dots in the corner of the message. Click on the three vertical dots and click on "Copy Message Link". The link is now copied to your clipboard and can be pasted wherever you'd like (for instance, into the Spruce Support conversation so that the Support team can investigate a particular issue for you).

On mobile, tap on any message in the Spruce application to present a menu from which you can select "Copy Message Link".

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