Sending All Calls to Voicemail

With Spruce, you have the ability to control when you receive patient calls and when you do not want to be disturbed by calls to your Spruce number.

This is perfect for after-hours or busy times, when you can selectively 'silence' professional calls without also silencing personal calls.

Send All Calls to Voicemail

The way to control when you do / do not receive patient calls is via the Send All Calls to Voicemail toggle. To see the toggle, go to Settings and then tap on your Spruce number.

  • When this is set to OFF: Phones listed in the Numbers to Ring list will ring when calls are made to your Spruce Number. If you answer, the patient’s name or number will be announced, at which point you can choose to speak to the patient directly or send them to voicemail.
  • When this is set to ON: Patients ringing your Spruce Number will be directed to your voicemail greeting and invited to leave a message (distinguishing between urgent or non-urgent).
  • This is an organization-wide setting. If one team member has it toggled ON, calls will be sent to voicemail for everyone. Many practices using Spruce as an after-hours solution are choosing to set the toggle to OFF during the day (when they want patients to be able to reach a provider directly), and then turning it ON when they transition to after-hours. 
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