Contact Groups


Introduction to Contact Groups

Contact Groups are groups of numbers that can be referenced in your phone tree. If you have a phone tree configured for any of your Spruce phone numbers, you can use Contact Groups to define which phones should ring when a certain node in that phone tree is selected.

Contact Groups don't exist by default in your account, and you cannot create one yourself today. They are configured for you by the Spruce Support team when configuring phone trees for your organization. If you'd like a phone tree and appropriate Contact Groups set up, contact us in the app through the Spruce Support conversation.

Once created, all members of your team can enter the Settings page to view and modify the Contact Groups in your account. Each "item" (i.e., a VoIP phone, phone number, or teammate) in a Contact Group can be enabled or disabled individually from the Settings page. This allows you to temporarily change which phones ring when a certain phone tree node is selected. 

For example, changing your Contact Group settings would allow you to do the following:

  • Route calls to a different desk phone or person based on who's working in the office on a particular day.
  • Ring the appropriate provider after-hours based on who is on-call for a given shift.
  • Forward calls to a covering physician when a provider goes on vacation.

How Contact Groups work

  • Each Contact Group contains a list of phone numbers, VoIP phones, and/or teammates in your organization.
    • When a teammate is a member of a Contact Group, calls will ring the cell phone number associated with the teammate's Spruce account.
  • When a caller selects a node of a phone tree that is configured to ring a Contact Group, one of two behaviors may be configured:
    • Simultaneous ringing: all enabled numbers in the Contact Group will ring at the same time. The first person to pick up will field the call; the other call attempts will be dropped once the call is answered.
    • Sequential ringing: the enabled numbers in the Contact Group will ring one at a time, starting with the number that has gone the longest without answering a Spruce call, and skipping any numbers that are currently engaged in an active Spruce call. This is commonly known as Round Robin.
  • The numbers in a Contact Group can be enabled and disabled as needed. Note that if you disable all numbers in the group, then ringing the Contact Group will be skipped, and the call will proceed to the next action in the phone tree, such as being sent to voicemail.

Manage Contact Groups from the web

  1. Select the Gear Icon to open your Settings.
  2. Select Contact Groups.
  3. Select + Add Number or + Add VOIP Phone or Teammate to add cell phone numbers, desk phones, or teammates.
  4. Select the toggle to enable (blue) or disable (gray) any numbers.
  5. Select the Three Dots icon to the far right of each row to remove an item from a Contact Group.

Manage Contact Groups from the mobile app

  1. Select the icon in the top left corner of the app to open your Settings
  2. Select Contact Groups.
  3. Select any Contact Group to open it.
  4. Select + Add Number to add any cell phone numbers, desk phones, or teammates to the Contact Group.
  5. Select the toggle to enable (blue) or disable (gray) any number.
  6. Select Edit to remove numbers from the Contact Group.NOTE: To set up Contact Groups to go with your phone tree, please contact Spruce through the Spruce Support conversation in the app.

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