Contact Groups

Contact Groups are groups of numbers that can be referenced in your phone tree

If you have a phone tree configured for any of your Spruce phone numbers, you can control where calls route for different branches of the phone tree via Contact Groups.

Contact Groups don't exist by default in your account, and you cannot create one yourself today. They are pre-configured for you by the Spruce Team while configuring phone trees for your organization. If you'd like a phone tree and appropriate contact groups set up, contact us at

How Contact Groups work

Here's how Contact Groups work:

  • Each contact group can contain a list of phone numbers, VoIP phones or teammates.
  • All "enabled" items in the list will simultaneously ring when an incoming call executes a particular branch of a phone tree configured to ring the contact group.
  • If you add a teammate to contact group, then calls will forward to the cell phone associated with the teammate's account.
  • If you disable all items in the list, then the contact group will be skipped.
  • All members of your team can see and modify the global list of Contact Groups in your account.

Here are some ways in which you could envision using Contact Groups:

  • To route "appointment" related calls to a different desk phone or person based on who's working in the office on a particular day.
  • To call the appropriate provider after-hours based on who is on-call at any given time.
  • To forward calls to a covering physician when a provider goes on vacation.

How to manage Contact Groups on web

  1. Navigate to the settings page (by clicking the gears icon in the left hand column)
  2. Click on Contact Groups
  3. Add/remove any cell phone numbers, desk phones or teammates from each contact group.

How to manage Contact Groups on mobile

  1. Navigate to settings by tapping on the icon in the top left hand corner of the app
  2. Tap on Contact Groups
  3. Tap into any Contact Group
  4. Add/remove any cell phone numbers, desk phones or teammates from each contact group.

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