Create a Spruce Account Without a Mobile Number

Occasionally someone will ask us if they can create a Spruce account without a mobile phone number (one of the fields we require to mitigate bad actors from obtaining numerous accounts). The answer is YES! One simple workaround is to create a Google Voice (GV) account, which will issue you a phone number that you may use to sign up with Spruce. You do not need a mobile phone number, or even an email address for that matter, to create a new GV account and you may set it up in a matter of minutes. 

That said, in order to claim one of GV's numbers, you must submit a personal mobile or landline phone number. This is an anti-fraud measure to prevent those with ill intentions from claiming many GV numbers, and it cannot be bypassed. 

Don’t have a landline? Consider asking a friend or family member if you can use theirs for initial account setup. 

Once you have successfully set up a Google Voice number, you are not required to forward calls to that number. You can either simply turn off the call forwarding setting in GV settings, or you can delete the linked forwarding number altogether. Just keep in mind: you need a linked/forwarding number on your configuration to use to authenticate yourself if you want to call into your voicemail over the phone.

Here are some helpful screenshots to guide you through the GV setup process:

Go to and select whether your number is for personal use or business use and then select whether you would like to create an Android account, iOS account, or Web account. Given that we are working under the assumption that the user does not have a mobile phone, we have selected the Web account option.

Select ‘Create account’ on the next screen. Note: if you already have a Google account, you can simply ‘turn on’ GV from your settings.

You will enter your name and create a username because your new GV account also comes with a Google email address.

Here is an example of what that looks like:

You will be welcomed immediately and you will notice that a phone number (and recovery email address) is optional.

We went ahead and created an account without a phone number or recovery email address but remember, to call and text from your new account, and to create a Spruce account, you will need to get a GV number, which will necessitate employing the aforementioned workaround. 

GV will automatically pull up numbers in the area where you live. 

In this example, we chose a number that seemed easy enough to remember. Once you select your number, you will be prompted to verify your ‘existing number’.

This is where you enter your landline, that friend or family member’s phone number, burner number, etc. (Remember, you can remove it later if you like.)

You will be sent a verification code to that number to ensure authenticity. You will enter it on this screen.

You will then see a message that your phone number has been added.

Success! That new number is all yours.

Now you will go to and create your account!

Select ‘Create a new account’.

Select if you are a healthcare professional (or staff) or if you are a patient.

Enter your brand new GV number you just created.

You will be prompted to verify that number.

The verification number that is sent to you will appear in your newly created Google Voice account.

If you are creatin a patient account (all others skip these next few prompts), once you enter that verification number into Spruce, you will then be prompted to connect to your provider.

In this instance, we chose ‘No, I need to find a doctor’.

You will then be prompted to create your new account!

And, secure it. 

And you’re off to the races! You’re now a member of the Spruce community, congratulations!

Making Spruce calls on Google Voice

Watch this video on how to make Spruce calls using Google Voice or another web-based calling system. Read more in this help article for using Spruce as a virtual assistant.

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