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How to Set Up Spruce Fax Service

To get started, we'll need to add a fax number to your account. We can port an existing fax into Spruce, or you can let us know your preferred area code, and we can give you a new fax number. Just message us in the Spruce app or email support@sprucehealth.com, and we'll be happy to help you.

Receiving a Fax

Faxes sent to you via Spruce will arrive as  PDFs your Spruce inbox, grouped into conversations by the sender of the fax (not by the patient the fax is about). Like any other conversation, you can add tags to keep inbound faxes sorted, and you can archive the conversation after you've taken care of it. You can also copy and paste the message into a patient conversation as an internal note to associate the faxed PDF with a patient.

Sending a Fax

To start a fax to a number you are contacting for the first time:

  1. Select the âž•plus button on the home screen
  2. Select the "Patient" option (not the "Internal" option)
  3. Select đź“ Fax
  4. Enter the contact information for the company or person that you're faxing
  5. Tap the Create button (iOS) or checkmark (Android)

To start a fax to a number you have contacted before: 

  • Simply search for the conversation. The conversation name should be either a person or a company name, or a phone or fax number, depending on how you labeled the contact. 
  • If you want to send a fax to a person or company that you've previously only contacted via other means (phone, messaging), just edit their profile to add a fax number, and fax will become an option in that conversation.

To send the fax:

Sending a fax through Spruce is just like sending any other message with an attachment in a Standard Conversation

  • Make sure you are in the "Patient" mode, not the "Internal" mode.
  • Make sure that the compose bar reads "Fax." 
  • If you don't see the "Fax" label in the compose bar, change the Message Delivery options by tapping on the icon that looks like three sliders. Make sure that the "Send Fax" toggle is switched on for the intended fax number.
  • Compose your message, attach your PDF, and select "Send" to complete.

Types of Fax Attachments

Spruce faxes can be sent just like any other message. The content typically thought of as the fax is sent as a PDF, but there are multiple media options to Spruce fax:

  • Text: Any text included in your message will be included in your fax cover sheet.
  • PDFs: Any attached PDF will be converted to black and white and will be included in the fax after the cover sheet. For best results, make sure that your PDF is already black and white, and doesn’t include any large images. See below for tips for PDFs.
  • Images: Attached images will be converted to black and white and included in the fax. This works great for taking photos of single-page documents, such as a signature page, and sending them in a fax. For larger documents, we recommend creating a black and white PDF instead. If you attach any image files, the fax will also include a QR code to download the full-resolution color image.
  • Videos: Like with any other message sent in Spruce, you can even include a video! Obviously videos can't be printed on paper, but the recipient will get a QR code in the fax to download and view the video.

Spruce faxes can be sent just like any other message. The content typically thought of as the fax is sent as a PDF, but there are multiple media options to Spruce fax:

PDF Guidelines

To ensure that the recipient can receive your fax and will receive exactly what you expect, there are a few rules to follow with your PDFs:

  • DO keep PDFs black and white. Any color will be converted to black or white (not gray), so recipients may not see what you expect if you include any color images.
  • DO use standard U.S. “Letter” sized pages (8.5" x 11"). Any non-standard page size could be rejected by the recipient’s fax machine.
  • DO keep it brief. Some fax machines are configured to reject faxes that exceed a certain number of pages. You're usually safe under 30 pages, but if you’re planning to send a large fax, it’s best to check with the recipient first to see if they have page limits.

If you need to create a PDF from a paper document, and you don’t have a scanner in the office that can create PDFs, there are several mobile apps that can create great-looking PDFs using your phone's camera. We recommend Scanbot, which is available for free on iOS and Android. When you’re creating the PDF, make sure you convert it to black and white (you can find Scanbot’s instructions for that here). Once you’ve created the PDF, press Share, then Copy. You’ll then be able to paste the PDF into the message in Spruce. 

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