Auto-Tagging and Auto-Assignment

Tags and Assignment are both excellent ways to keep your Spruce Inbox organized and increase efficiency for your practice. There are ways to automate these features for even greater ease of use!

Conversation Tags and Contact Tags allow you to label an individual conversation or a patient's entire chart. Read more about these tags HERE. If you are using tag-based filters in your inbox these filters will show conversations with a specific tag or tags or conversations with contacts with a specific tag or tags. There are many permutations for filters! This article has more information on filters.

Assignment moves a conversation out of the All Inbox and into a specific "Assigned to" filter. You can think of this as moving a letter out of a large mailbox into one person or team's specific mailbox. Conversations can only be assigned to one person or team at a time, meaning they can only be in one mailbox, so if they are assigned they do not appear in the All box. 

You can add auto-assignment or add tags automatically based on phone number or Spruce link! When configuring a phone number under Settings/Phone SMS, you'll notice you can select tags to be added to any new conversations with that number.

If you change the owner of the number to an individual user or team you'll see that a toggle appears allowing you to turn on auto-assignment for that number.

The same settings are available for Spruce links under Settings/Secure, so you can set up auto-assignment or auto-tagging for both secure and phone based conversations! This allows practices to streamline the flow of new communication so the right staff member can address it with minimum manual triaging needed!

In addition to the ways you can automate as an admin Spruce user, those customers on the Communicator plan also have access to additional customization by our team. We can add auto-assignment based on branches of your phone tree! We can also build auto-assignment into text workflows! Reach out to our team to find out more about how we can make your practice more efficient using Spruce!

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