Transferring Calls on Obihai Devices and Cell Phones

Transferring calls on Obihai 1032s, 1062s or cell phones:

You can transfer any inbound calls from your cell phone or desk phone.

If you are a user of the Spruce phone system, you can transfer an active call to another phone number or Spruce extension, both from your cell phone and desk phone.

Before the step-by-step for how to transfer an active call, let's walk through the call transfer experience. Let's say you are on the phone with Alice, and you'd like to transfer the call to Bob who is at extension 101.  Follow the instructions below will enable Alice to first connect with Bob, set context for why you are transferring the call to him, and then complete the transfer. This is also known as a "warm transfer".

Few things to note:

  1. Call transfer only works for inbound calls
  2. Extension shortcuts (101 versus the actual phone number) are only supported for desk phones today and not for cell phones.

Here are the steps to follow to transfer an active call:

  • Press the * key, which invokes an audible menu for you to transfer the call, and puts the caller on hold (with default hold music) while you attempt to connect them with another member of the team.
  • At this point, you will be presented with an audible menu which says: “Press 1 to transfer the call or press 2 to return to the caller.”
  • If you press 1, dial the phone number you’d like to transfer the call to, followed by the # key. You can dial any phone number or known extension.
  • You will now be connected to the other member of the team.
  • Press the * key again, which invokes an audible menu which says: “Press 1 to complete the transfer or press 2 to cancel the transfer and return to the original call.”
  • If you press 1, you will be disconnected and the original caller will be connected with your team-member.
  • If you press 2, you will be connected back with the original caller.

For information on how to transfer calls on Polycom VVX devices, click here. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email We're always here to help.

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