Deleting Your Account as a Patient

Account Deletion

If you would like to delete your Spruce account you can do so by navigating to Settings/Account and selecting Delete Account. You will be asked to confirm your phone number and password and type in Delete Account to confirm the deletion. Once your account is deleted you will lose access to all secure conversations with your provider.

Account Restoration

After you have taken the above steps to delete you account you will receive an email containing a link that can be used to restore the account within a specified timeframe. Only you have the ability to restore your account; the Spruce Support Team and your provider do not have this ability. 

After the designated time period has passed you will no longer be able to restore the account; your data will be permanently deleted.

What does your Provider Retain?

Although the data stored in your account will be deleted from the Spruce system, your provider will retain a copy of your secure conversations. This is part of their medical records and cannot be deleted through action on your side. The provider is unable to delete your conversation history without deleting all records for their organization. Once your account is deleted they will not be able to contact you through secure messaging in the future.

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