Using Writing Assistance Software

Introduction to Writing Assistance Software

Writing assistance software refers to the following categories of software that could be used in conjunction with Spruce: speech-to-text dictation (ex: Dragon Dictation), predictive text (ex: Microsoft Editor), or grammar and spelling correction software (ex: Grammarly). Spruce doesn't recommend or endorse usage of any writing assistance software at this time.

HIPAA Compliance

Spruce cannot control what any specific writing assistance software does with your data, and we cannot guarantee the safety, privacy, integrity, or reliability of any such third-party tool. Because of this, please always ensure that you have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place with any third-party software vendor you're using with Spruce, and that you independently assess the practices and software functions of such vendors to make sure that they align with your needs and obligations under HIPAA and other regulations and laws.

For further detail on using Spruce in a HIPAA-compliant way, please see our separate HIPAA compliance article.

Unsupported Software

Generally, Spruce intends to be compatible with third-party writing software, with known exceptions being listed below.

Microsoft Editor

Spruce is not fully compatible with Microsoft Editor's text predictions. To disable text predictions in the Edge browser, navigate to edge://settings/languages and disable "Use text prediction".

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