Troubleshooting Spruce notifications on web

Spruce allows for desktop or web based computer notifications. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot issues with your notifications from the Spruce web version. Feel free to reach out to our team if these steps do not resolve your issues. Thank you for your help troubleshooting notification issues! 

Ensure that your computer allows your browser to send notifications

On macOS:

  • Open "System Preferences", then click on "Notifications & Focus"
  • Select your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge) from the list
  • Ensure "Allow Notifications" is enabled

On Windows 11:

  • Open "Settings", then click on "System", and finally "Notifications"
  • Ensure the "Notifications" toggle is enabled
  • Ensure that the Spruce web app ( is enabled under "Notifications from apps and other senders"

Ensure that the you have notifications turned on within the Spruce app

  • From within the Spruce web app, navigate to Notification Settings
  • Ensure you have "Receive Desktop Notifications" enabled
  • Ensure that you have notifications turned on for the appropriate conversation filters
  • Ensure that there are yellow or orange warnings shown on the page that would indicate other potential issues

macOS specific: check your Focus (Do Not Disturb) settings

macOS has a feature called Focus (also known as Do Not Disturb) which will can be configured to hide notifications during certain periods of your day. See the following Apple Support articles for more details

After trying all the steps above, if you are still having notification issues, then we’d love to help. Please reach out to us within the Spruce app via the Team Spruce conversation or email us at

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