Urgent Voicemail Escalation

Introduction to the Urgent Voicemail Escalation

A typical voicemail asks the caller to leave a message and sends a push notification to your home screen – this works for your personal line, but acute calls from patients deserve an additional level of urgency. Instead, we can configure your phone include an Answering Service that will escalate urgent voicemail after-hours.

Spruce's urgent call escalation enables you to streamline after-hours and on-call coverage. Once you’ve activated it, patients who call your Spruce number hear a custom voicemail with a two-option phone tree – urgent and non-urgent. All urgent voicemails trigger an SMS alert to the on-call provider(s).

Please note this is not a live staffed answering service, Spruce uses technology to route calls and notifications based on the caller's needs. 

How to set up the Urgent Voicemail Escalation 

  • Urgent Voicemail Escalation is included as part of our Communicator Plan. If you would like to add this to your account, please message us in the Spruce Support conversation so we can get you set up.
  • Once we've turned on the Urgent Voicemail Escalation for your account, you'll update your Custom Greeting to voiceover the urgent, non-urgent phone tree options. Make sure to include the following in your greeting: "To leave an urgent voicemail, press 1; to leave a non-urgent voicemail, press 2." To record your custom greeting, navigate to your Settings page, select your Spruce Number to access Phone Settings, select Voicemail Greeting, select Custom, and start recording.
  • Update your Numbers to Ring list. When a patient calls and leaves an urgent voicemail, all numbers in your Numbers to Ring list will receive an SMS that an urgent voicemail has been left on your Spruce Number.

What happens when patients interact with the Urgent Voicemail Escalation

Urgent message:

  • The voicemail audio file populates in the patient's standard conversation, marked as URGENT.
  • Team members receive a push notification indicating there is a new urgent voicemail.
  • Team members listed in Numbers to Ring receive an SMS alert as an additional notification.

Non-urgent message:

  • The voicemail audio file populates in the patient's standard conversation.
  • Team Members receive a push notification indicating there is a new voicemail

Video of Spruce Urgent Voicemail Escalation

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