VoIP Cordless Phone: Poly VVX D230

$200 for Basestation + 1 handset, $120 per additional handset

The Poly VVX D230 is a DECT (cordless) IP phone that supports up to 8 lines. You can order a base station + Handset, or just the Handset independently. The base station requires an ethernet (wired) connection and does not support WiFi. You can learn more about this phone on the data sheet here.

The device costs $200 for the base station and handset (shipping include) or $120 for the handset only and can be purchased from Settings > Phone & SMS > Order VoIP Phones. You have to be on the Communicator Plan to be able to order a VoIP Phone.

Key features:

  • Configure up to 8 lines
  • Wifi not available for the base unit
  • Power adapter included

Additional notes about cordless phones:

  • These handsets will ring together with the base station; they operate as one phone
  • Handsets do not require internet, just power
  • Each connected handset to a single base station will ring simultaneously when the base station extension is dialed.
  • Each base station can be a separate extension of your Spruce phone number.
  • Incoming calls can be transferred from one base station extension to any another extension or phone number.
  • Incoming calls can not be transferred from one cordless handset to another cordless handset if both handsets are connected to the same base station.
    • Example: Each base station for the cordless phone is considered a "desk phone," so if you buy 1 base station and 4 handsets, all 4 handsets will ring simultaneously since they are connected to 1 base station. If you want to have different ring groups for different handsets, you need to buy different base stations or the other desk phone.

The lines represent the number of patients you may want to put on hold at once and the amount of phone numbers you may want as potential outbound callerIDs (only applicable if you have multiple numbers on your account). 

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