Patient Conversation Basics

Spruce's Patient Conversations record all forms of practice-patient communication in one unified thread.

Here's a video that helps explains the different types of patient conversations on Spruce:

Understanding Patient Conversations from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

Understanding Patient Conversations

There are two modes of communicating with patients on Spruce: Standard and Secure Messaging.

The primary difference between standard and secure messaging is whether the patient is interacting with you and your team via standard communication channels (e.g. SMS, email) versus a secure HIPAA compliant communication channel via the patient-facing version of the Spruce app.

When to use Standard and Secure conversations:

  • Standard: Initiate a Standard patient conversation if you want to make and receive calls, texts, and/or email with patients without requiring them to download an app. Learn more here.
  • Secure: Initiate a Secure patient conversation if you want to engage in more advanced forms of digital care — namely video visits, Spruce Visits (asynchronous, adaptive clinical question sets), care plans, and mobile billpay. Learn more here.

Now that you understand the different forms of patient communication, invite your patients to join your practice!

Starting a New Patient Conversation

Start a new patient conversation in 4 easy steps:

  1. Click the ➕  button from the home screen
  2. Select 👤 Patient Conversation
  3. Choose 🔒  Secure Conversations for conversations involving PHI or choose 💬  Standard Conversations to send traditional SMS or email messages
  4. Enter the patient’s contact information or if you’re in the mobile app, select it from your phone contacts

For practices that would like to onboard a large patient panel to Spruce, claiming a unique Practice Link is a great alternative to inviting patients individually.

How do Spruce Practice Links work?

Practice Links are custom links per practice for inviting patients to download the app, and they follow the format of They enable patients to join your practice in a Secure patient conversation (i.e., app-to-app communication) without the need for your practice to individually, and manually, invite each patient.

They work as follows:

  • Your practice claims a Practice Link (e.g., which you can distribute to patients (see below, for ways to distribute your Practice Link).
  • Patients click the Practice Link on their mobile device or desktop browser:
  • On mobile: Patients will be directed to the appropriate app store (Apple or Android) to download the Spruce app.
  • On web: Patients can enter their mobile number to be sent a link to download the app on the appropriate app store.
  • Upon creating an account on Spruce, patients are automatically paired with your practice and enter into a Secure patient conversation with you and your team. Their Secure conversation appears as a new patient thread in your team’s shared inbox.

Want to claim your practice link? Just message us in Support and we would be happy to This feature is available only by request.

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