Patient Conversation Basics

Starting a New Patient Conversation

Start a new patient conversation in 4 easy steps:

  1. Click the ➕  button from the home screen
  2. Select 👤 Patient Conversation
  3. Enter the patient’s contact information or if you’re in the mobile app, select them from your phone contacts
  4. Once you are in the patient conversation thread, choose Secure message to communicate with patients who have downloaded the app choose or Standard message to send a traditional text SMS. Select the phone icon in the top right corner to call the patient 

Understanding Patient Conversations

Patient Conversations in the Spruce Inbox record all forms of practice-patient communication in one unified thread. Within a given thread, there are two modes of communicating with patients on Spruce: Standard (SMS) and Secure Messaging.

Standard (SMS) messaging occurs when the patient has not downloaded the Spruce app. With standard messaging patients communicate with your practice via standard text, phone calls or email. This is still HIPAA compliant as long as the patient agrees to communicate via standard messaging. 

Secure messaging occurs when the patient has downloaded the Spruce app, and therefore they are communicating with your practice from within the app. Secure messaging is HIPAA compliant. 

  • Secure messaging within the app allows for more advanced forms of digital care to include: Video Visits, Spruce Visits, Care Plans, and Mobile Bill-pay

Understanding Patient Conversations from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

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